ISEG has created the first ever Capital SuperHighway for capital markets, and for companies who are in any way connected to capital markets.

The Capital SuperHighway is all of the services you would need as an early stage company just coming off your first round of financing.

We offer all the products and services you need to navigate capital markets with your early stage company. From reporting to investors, putting out news and announcements right through to digitizing stock, containing your share holder register, and promoting your company.

A clear gap in the early-stage company market emerged after new crowdfunding regulation leading to search for exit opportunities for early stage investors. The biggest gap in the market exists between deregulated crowdfunding and regulated big board stock exchanges:

  • Companies have a difficult time getting access to capital
  • Crowdfunding is a new source of access to capital, but then there is little follow-through post-funding in terms of exit opportunities or monitoring
  • There is a lack of transparency for investors in start-ups
  • Companies have limited experience supporting the needs of investors
  • Limited reporting from start-ups (in general) to investors
  • Difficult for start-ups to gain exposure in other countries and markets

The Capital SuperHighway is the first and only online ecosystem, combining a proprietary technology platform and value-added services to fill the gap for crowdfunded and other early-stage companies internationally.

Investors and companies benefit from this approach:

  • The companies are more robust,
  • Their growth is supported,
  • Better reporting makes their activities more transparent
  • company and / or likely growth data

We want to support companies and reveal gaps they have, not only in terms of capital, but also in people and services. We offer guidance on how the market works and how to layer in the next round of financing allowing them to avoid the frustrations of stop-starts in raising capital.

We have developed a series of services which have now been digitized into a suite of online tools to assist growing companies at every stage of development from idea to exit.

This suite has become the Capital SuperHighway; a fast track where young and developing companies can flourish using proprietary value-added services. These powerful tools are provided by partners such as MobileNDA, Program for Equity, IPO Bidder, MaximumOne and Agent NED and give the company guidance, support and a smooth route to the capital they need to be successful and effect growth.